How to remove pimples on face at home using cornstarch

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If you have ever tried every thing to remove your acne pimples without success, here now comes a simple, effective and tested home remedy you can use without spending a dime. The video outlines the ingredients used and explains in a step-by-step guide how to use these ingredients to get rid of your pimples.  Infact,cornstarch is the best for those that have oily skin.Many baby power products now use it instead of talc.Never you use any products with talc as research has shown that talc causes cancer and respiratory dysfunctions. For your information, some people have argued out that cornstarch increases the growth of bacteria for acne prone patients. This however, can only be true if wet cornstarch is the only ingredient used. The use of dry powdered cornstarch and aloe vera is what is used in this video. One of the roles of aloe vera is to kill bacteria. So, be rest assured that your skin is save. Cornstarch, as one of the ingredients, has been used to treat acne by our grandmothers. However, majority of us overlook this. Why not try it and see the results for yourself now. You never can tell. It may be what you need to clear your skin pimples completely. The principle behind the effectiveness of cornstarch is this. It absorbs oil and removes excess sebum from the skin, thereby reducing your acne breakouts
How to remove pimples on face at home using cornstarch

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