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Regardless of what size job your performing, having music in the background will make it better. The Dewalt radio provides music and more. Youll be able to listen to tunes, charge up your Dewalt batteries and plug a few extension cords into, as needed. Additionally, beyond the standard am/fm receiver, you can plug any SmartPhone in an access your preferred playlist. Best Features of the Dewalt Radio 1. Dual Power Options 2. Battery Charging Capabilities Dual Power Options This Dewalt Radio gives you freedom of choice, providing an ultimate level of convenience. You can alternate between battery operated and corded to enjoy your job site music. Additionally, by being able to switch to battery operated power, you can have your music near you, regardless of where you are, on the roof or anywhere on the ground. Battery Charging Capabilities How many times have you had too few chargers on site, to meet the needs of all workers? With the Dewalt radio, if you run short on chargers, you can charge directly through the radio. It also provides fast charging, batteries can charge to full power within an hour. Pros 1. Triple Power Outlets 2. Lightweight Design Triple Power [...]
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dewalt radio

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