Affiliate Solar Compensation Video

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Affiliate Solar Comp Plan | How do affiliates get paid? $250/kw Direct to you Times the size of the System " All deals split 50/50 on 1st deal. Other deals can be split 50/50 if agreed upon by closer and the direct rep. The closer does not have to be in your direct organization. " 20/commission up front the other 80% once install is complete. " $50/Per kw  Level 1 " $40/Per kw  Level 2 " $30/Per kw  Level 3 " $15/ Per kw  Performance Bonus (100 + Team Sales) " $15/Per kw  Matching Bonus On Affiliates (100 + Team Sales) " Once you have 100 personal sales you qualify for the 5% stock pool! Must have minimum of 1 deal in your 1st 90 days to be paid on your team. Levels will not be paid unless someone is in that level or has earned the performance bonus. You cannot have more than one affiliate agent position per person or per couple.
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Affiliate Solar Compensation Video

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