children's orthodontist

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teeth throughout their own childhood, may be extra sensitive to ensure that their children never go through the same turmoil that they did, at a young age. For these parents, they may be considering an orthodontic examination for kids before their child starts pre-school. Of course, that is too early to evaluate a child's teeth for braces, but surprisingly most dentists and orthodontists suggest that children have an orthodontic evaluation by the time their permanent teeth start to come in at around seven or eight years of age. Though children usually see a pediatric dentist shortly after their first birthday to ensure the health of their teeth; to evaluate the alignment of their teeth during their early elementary years, most dentist's suggest that the child see a specialist, a children's orthodontist, for an orthodontic evaluation. An orthodontist specializes in straightening and aligning of the teeth. An orthodontist will examine the child's mouth to determine if the teeth are coming in properly to ensure a proper bite and alignment for years to come. By determining a potential problem while the child is young, many additional problems can be avoided with proper preventative treatment. Many wonder "how old do you have to be to get braces?," but are surprised to find out that even though it may be determined that the child will eventually need braces at only seven or eight years old, most permanent braces for kids aren't placed on the teeth until the child is around 10 -14 years of age, when most of the permanent adult teeth have come in. Because some orthodontic problems can be corrected more easily if treatment is started early, many pediatric orthodontists use a form of treatment called interceptive orthodontic treatment. This is orthodontic treatment broken down into two phases. The first phase is begun when the child is young and still has most of their primary teeth. During this stage, orthodontic appliances are used to prevent the progression of dental misalignment, thus usually lessening the time the child must endure the second phase of the treatment, the actual braces. By visiting the orthodontist an an early age to evaluate a child's teeth, the parents can be aware of any concerns that may arise. Early treatment can avoid the progression of misalignment and hopefully make correction easier during the teen years. By keeping on top of the situation, parents can ensure their children's teeth will be straight and their bite will be correct, ensuring them a picture perfect smile when they become adults.
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children's orthodontist

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