Retail Shelving & Slatwall from Crown Display

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We have an extensive range of fixtures and fittings for retail outlets in all market sectors but over the years, our best sellers have been those that are common to shops of all types, across the United Kingdom. Our Slatwall panels and inserts are very popular with all of our customers, owing to our highly competitive prices and the quality of the panels produced by our UK manufacturing partner. Another perennial favourite with UK store owners is our fantastic range of shop shelving, which includes standard wall bays, gondolas, perforated bays, and a range of compatible accessories. From glass shelving to chrome stacking baskets, we have everything you need. Whether you are just setting up shop or you have been in business for many years, you are sure to appreciate the great value products in this range. If you are looking for specialist fittings designed to hold particular products, such as crisp bays, newspaper units, garment and card bays, you will want to check out the extremely popular selection of retail shelving for sale in our online store. All made to exacting standards and available via our express delivery service, the many high quality products in this section are sure to be of interest. Slatwall - http://www.crowndisplay.co.uk/slatwall-panels-inserts Shop Shelving - http://www.crowndisplay.co.uk/shelving Retail Shelving - http://www.crowndisplay.co.uk/retail-shelving
Retail Shelving & Slatwall from Crown Display

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