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Call: 714-871-9997 Visit: Your jewelry means a lot to you. It may have great sentimental value. It may be of considerable monetary value. And you may just plain like it. It's beautiful. It makes you feel attractive when you have it on. And when a damaged an article of jewelry needs repair, you don't want just to discard it. You want it fixed. But in our throwaway society, where does one go to have jewelry repairs done? Where you take your jewelry for repair depends on what exactly that repair is. Is your new watch's band a little too big? That's an adjustment that the kid who works at "Jewelry World" at the mall could handle. But that antique wrist watch that's running slow? That involves disassembling, cleaning, part research and ordering, and reassembling. Such a repair is not only time consuming but requires special tools and the expertise to use them. Likewise, you would not want to entrust your delicate and valuable necklace to just anyone with a soldering gun. There is no legal requirement or industry standard certification for someone who wants to become a bench jeweler. However, certification within the industry guarantees that a bench jeweler has the professional qualification to make various types of jewelry repair. Such certification allows the jeweler to rise within the profession. And hiring such a jeweler ensures that a shop can offer customers the service they want. Come to Country Club Jewelers at 2227 N Harbor Blvd Fullerton, CA 92835 and we'll take care of all your jewelry repair needs. You can also visit us at: G+ FB: Pinterest: Read our outstanding Yelp reviews:
Jewelry Repair Fullerton CA  Country Club Jewelers

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