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http://clarityfresh.com | BOCA RATON HOUSEKEEPING COMPANIES - PET FRIENDLY http://clarityfresh.com/2016/01/cleaning-products-and-pets-safe-boca-raton-cleaning-company/ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2uQsD3i8KPSP__dbJL_qII34zkM8eDGK STAY CONNECTED (954) 629-4040 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAmNO-CbY7z2ypn9eEXE4fA/videos Clarityfresh@gmail.com THE LEAST YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCTS AND YOUR PETS: TIPS FROM CLARITY FRESH  BOCA RATON LOCATION If you own a pet and consider them one of your family members, then this blog will be helpful to you. Since our pets are closer to the ground, they are exposed to toxic environments when ordinary household cleaners are used. Chemicals like chlorine, formaldehyde, and ammonia are culprits to many illnesses such as respiratory, liver and kidney failure. If you or your cleaning company uses chemicals for cleaning, then seek green or natural cleaners as an alternative. Youll want to stay away from the following cleaning products and here's why: Chlorine: is a respiratory nuisance for pets and can also cause skin irritation. If you notice that your pet is licking their paws or rubbing their eyes more than normal eliminate the current products being used while cleaning your home. Ammonia: Many animals have sensitive mucous membranes and ammonia irritates our dogs and cats because of the powerful odor. Household cleaners such as ammonia are a serious contributor to our indoor household pollutants. https://youtu.be/WK6ot6oLyO8 https://youtu.be/bevHtllLV7c https://youtu.be/gNnjQ0FXaAA https://youtu.be/kuHT9EfY_hI Laundry Detergent: Because laundry detergent leaves a residue it can often cause problems for our furry friends. Many animals sleep on their blankets after being washed causing them to be exposed to the residue. Formaldehyde: This toxic chemical can be found in many cleaners and also gives off fumes when found in new flooring or furniture. If youve recently moved into a newer home, your pet will be unsheltered by formaldehyde. Air purifiers are not always a good solution to this type of chemical. Proper ventilation is your only form of defense. In some dog beds, there is a possibility that the cushion or internal material has been manufactured with some formaldehyde. Wash their bedding before allowing them to use it. And remember to keep your windows open. Mothballs: If your pet ingests one of these it can be highly detrimental. Be sure to keep these out of your animals reach at all times. They can be very curious about the smell, and the repeated smelling of these chemicals can be proven to be fatal if youre not careful. If youve recently installed new flooring or are living in a newer home, you will want to take additional precaution to prevent your loved ones from being subjected to chemicals in things like laminated flooring, draperies, wood furniture. Remember there is glue, resins, epoxy, and other types of toxins that can cause your pet to become sick. Take the time to find out what is in the products, use non-toxic cleaning products and keep your home well ventilated to prevent Fido or Fefe from becoming ill. Primarily if you use some common sense, and the alternatives suggested here, your pet will be in a much safer environment. CALL CLARITY FRESH HOME CLEANING SERVICES IN BOCA RATON IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS REGARDING OUR LINE OF CLEANING PRODUCTS OR WHAT WE RECOMMEND FOR USE IN YOUR HOME. ClarityFresh new shirt logo Let our team of housekeeping experts at Clarity Fresh clean your house in BOCA RATON, FL, CORAL SPRINGS, FL, PARKLAND, FL, POMPANO BEACH, FL, COCONUT CREEK, FL, DEERFIELD BEACH, FL, HOLLYWOOD, FL, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, MIRAMAR, FL
House Cleaning Boca Raton | PET SAFE CLEANING

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