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I believe this is why wedding photography has such a powerful hold upon our hearts. This technology has given us the ability to turn our stories, into timeless treasures that can be shared across the generations. It is because of the inherent emotional nature of a photograph that I became a Seattle wedding photographer. I have made it my lifes work to bless, share, and define the personal histories of others, in an artistic way. It is my mission to uncover the beauty that exists in each narrative and give it the reverence it deserves. And as an added layer I choose to donate much of the proceeds from your investment into helping others. By adding this philanthropic element to my Seattle wedding photography business I feel that a dual purpose can be achieved; we can honor and celebrate lifes most important events while helping others rise above their difficulties thus creating their own story worth sharing. I invite you to review my wedding galleries and portrait portfolios now; within them you will find my heart and soul.
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Seattle Photography

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