Does The Dr Drum Beat Maker Really Suck

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Thinking about buying Dr Drum beat making software? Before you do, have a quick read of our review. Reading it might change your mind! You might even have a good laugh lol&We decided to buy Dr Drum just to do some testing and see if it lives up to all the hype on its home page. Now, we dont just go and buy any old software  we do our research and you should too(that goes for anything you buy online). If you do a quick search online for Dr Drum reviews you will see a TONNE of reviews saying that Dr Drum is the best, blah blah blah. If you havent already searched for  Dr Drum review or alike then open a new tab or window and do a quick search in to see what Im talking about. WTF..Surely it couldnt be that GOOD. EVERY site has a positive review or says its the best thing since sliced bread! Why? Because EVERY single one of these sites are affiliates who make money when someone buys through their link&.bs meterWhich is all good but honestly how can these people give a REAL review..Of course they will sugar coat it just to get YOU to buy it from them..
Does The Dr Drum Beat Maker Really Suck

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