catering e banqueting Bellinzona

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Backstage catering and banqueting operating for over fifteen years in the rental business catering equipment and events. versatile solutions, design assistance, and speed in delivery make our company the ideal solution for every need. Organize and conduct the dining facilities during trade fairs, meetings, conferences, weddings, cocktail parties and other collective events requires specific expertise that can not be improvised. Backstage Banqueting Sagl is an ideal partner that offers specialized assistance and offers packages of services tailored to solve brilliantly any catering request in Switzerland or abroad. We offer high quality performance and professionalism and we take care of enhancing the image of our customers, a careful and punctual organization at your disposal to advise you and provide you with everything you need to organize your events. - CATERING A sophisticated menu, prepared by our chef and served by our highly qualified staff in a highly prestigious environment is the perfect setting for your event.
catering e  banqueting Bellinzona

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