Carbon Monoxide Testing Boca Raton | 561-994-9008

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Testing Boca Raton Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide Testing Boca Raton | 561-994-9008 What You Need to Know About HVAC and Carbon Monoxide HVAC and Carbon Monoxide - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW From South Florida (Boca Raton) Air Conditioner Repair Specialists There was breaking news last week announcing eighty employees leaving sick with seventeen in the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. The West-Miami Dade employees from the Lennar offices became sick after the transparent gas was omitted from old piping in the women’s bathroom. This is just one of several incidents that can happen when people are unaware of their maintenance schedules. Thankfully, no serious injuries occurred yet this accident reminds us how serious this gas can be. Because the carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious matter, it's important to compete yourself and your family or co-workers about this odorless, invisible, and tasteless gas. Knowing how to identify the signs of carbon monoxide can mean saving a life. Here is the least you should know about carbon monoxide poisoning and your HVAC system. Carbon Monoxide is a product of combustion. Your AC Unit utilizes such things as a blower motor that is shared by both the AC and the furnace. If this unit is backfiring it can cause issues that can create the poisonous gas. This unit is the same as any other appliance in your home and needs to be handled properly for the safe use.
Carbon Monoxide Testing Boca Raton | 561-994-9008

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