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Fort Lauderdale Videos For Real Estate. Ideas for Real Estate Agents Showing Properties Using Old School Video Tours From the staff at AccuTour 3D virtual real estate photography in South Florida, here are some tips for you Real Estate Agents when doing a property showing via video. Read the original post here: ALTHOUGH ACCUTOUR's 3D VIRTUAL TOURS DO NOT HAVE MUSIC INCLUDED INSIDE THE EMBED CODE, IT'S NOT A BAD IDEA TO LISTEN TO SOME TUNES WHILE WATCHING ONE OF THOSE OLD SCHOOL VIRTUAL TOUR VIDEOS. Facebook - Google + LinkedIn - Twitter - YouTube - No doubt there are millions of tools on the market today for realtors to increase their customer service. One of the latest innovations that is stealing the hearts of both realtors and homeowners is that of 3D Virtual Tours. This latest technology dates back to 1994 and was used for the reconstruction of the Dudley Castle located in England. Today, not only is this a hot commodity among luxury property brokers and real estate agents, its also been used for architectural projects, office buildings, events and exhibitions. With these many different applications, often times the customers and the person deploying the tour will ask if there should be a musical background playing while a person is taking a tour. Here are some tips on how to decide if a music bed should be added to your tours that might help. Remember that this technology is mostly used to enhance the viewers experience. It a multimedia, interactive, panorama entity that changes the face of how potential clients, investors and other key players view a specific location or building. By offering your clients the opportunity to endure both visually and hearing, youre taking the viewership to a different level.
Real Estate Videography Fort Lauderdale |

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