Leading tree fellers in Pretoria

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If you are looking for the best solutions to your tree problems are the best solution for you. We are the leading tree felling company in Pretoria and we deal with all sorts of tree related work such as Tree Trimming, cutting, pruning, replacements, moving, Garden Refuse Removal, Garden Supplies and Stump Removal around Pretoria. We cover all areas of Pretoria including, North West, Central West, North East, Centurion, East, South and Hillcrest. Among our many services are, cutting down all types of trees: palm, elm, plants, gum-tree, jacaranda, garden and urban site clearing, stump and root removal - tree planting/ replacements in parks, streets, gardens, storm damage/ insurance claims, lightning protection systems, mulching/ wood chipping, firewood instant lawn supplies, garden clean ups and site clearances, urban tree removals, private or public spaces, cutting and pruning services, tree audits/ consultancy/ consultations & appraisals, disease diagnosis and treatment, palm tree removal, removal of alien or invasive species, crane truck hire + chipper hire and tree cabling/ bracing/ rigging. When a tree is diagnosed to be with some kind of trouble, cutting the tree and removing isn't always the solution. You can always check with the tree and try to treat it or cut down only the affected area and save the tree. Since we know how much trees are important to human life, we have the qualifications to diagnose your tree's health for blight or disease. We will then assess whether a tree can be saved or whether it is better to remove the tree. We'll also ascertain whether a there is any structural weakness in the tree and whether it is liable to damage your property. So for the betterment of your trees and your worries with trees, call us today on 012 004 1829 or visit us at our home site and know more about us.
Leading tree fellers in Pretoria

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