Where Does Caffeine Fit In?

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The body has built-in regulating mechanisms so that noradrenaline secreted from the sympathetic nerves is modulated in its effect. Methylxanthines all seem to work on one of the energy precursors in the cells, cyclic andenosine-monophosphate (cAMP), in conjunction with the increase in cAMP due to the effect of noradrenaline on the beta-2 receptors. There was a debate over the years as to what the primary action of the methylxanthines are: They either block adenosine or inhibit phoshodiesterase (PDE), the enzyme that degrades the phosphate in cAMP. Caffeine has both effects, but PDE turned out to be the primary substance that intensifies ephedrine’s thermogenic effect.
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Where Does Caffeine Fit In?

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