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What I mean is that you have the constant, yet always fluctuating world that you travel through like in WoW or Rift but you play through it in the style of a bird's eye view format and gamestyle of a MOBA like League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth. To be honest I could see some possible flaws with this concept but I can also see some really intriguing ideas that could be implemented. What I would like is your opinion on said subject to see who, if any at all, would be intrigued to give this style of gaming a shot. Let me give you some examples of what I would think would be staples in this new type of genre. Now, I know that this just sounds like a regular old MMO just with fewer hot-keys and an awkward camera angle but if you have played both genres than you know that a game like this could be approached in multiple different ways that would be a blast from a pvp stand-point and would be an interesting new take on PvE combat along with strategy and tactics. If any of you have any feedback on whether this game would be difficult to implement, extremely interesting to try out or just absolutely rediculous to even attempt I would love to hear them. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope to spark some interest in the idea because I love both genres and would love to see if anyone would be able to pull it off. As much as I'm intrigued I'm happy with how the genre is now. Having it evolve into basically just another MMORPG from another perspective doesn't tickle my fancy as much. Sounds pretty interesting. Assuming the MOBA games would act like traditional MOBA games, I could see a game like that being quite fun, questing, leveling, and having your own custom hero for MOBA games.
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About MMOBA online game bots

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