ST Racing design their own rims

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In year 1999, ST founder started their business of recycle used tyres. They modified and repaired the used tyres to ensure that the tyres were still good for use. After 5 years of hardwork, they changed their business model from used tyre wholeseller to tyre retailer. In the meantime, they were also being the reseller of a particular brand of sport rim. Their sport rim retailing business was getting better and better. Many of their customers encouraged them to create their own brand instead of selling others' brands. With the strong will of developing own brand and improving the quality of sport rims being sold from all aspects, they started to form a wholesale company which designed their own sport rims and distribute to resellers all over Malaysia. Hence, ST Racing was born in year 2004. ST Racing design their own rims, inspect the rim's quality, monitor the product safety specifications.... And now, ST is catered to the consumers' taste & need.
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ST Racing design their own rims

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