Foundation for your ministry and personal life

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Many ministry leaders are living their lives in isolation, without clarity of purpose or proper training. As a result, they are at risk for certain predictable failures. The same qualities and behaviors that contribute to the early success of many ministries, such as having a laser beam focus or overworking, can lead to their failure. It is common for leaders in these circumstances to think that if they only tried harder they could accomplish more. It is easy to become preoccupied with doing, believing that your value to your ministry and even your worth as a person is a function of your busyness rather than working out God's purpose and call to ministry in your life. Unfortunately, trying harder may just make you burn out faster. This program is grounded in the belief that by investing in leaders within the community, those who have already demonstrated leadership abilities, our city will benefit. The Initiative aims to increase the capacity of your ministry as it breaks through to a new level of service to the community. This Initiative is not intended to help you improve the mechanics of your ministry. Rather, it is designed to enable you to build a foundation for your ministry and personal life, and to develop a plan that will carry you into the future.
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Foundation for your ministry and personal life

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