How to add batch watermarks to video?

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Why we need to add batch watermark to videos? It is an important job to leave your own logo to your video. Let’s listen to what people is saying. “I made a family video and wanna share it on YouTube. And I need to show everyone’s name and some words on the screen, what shall I do?” “I wanna play a game video on my DVD, however it was split into several parts by scenes. How can I add notes to each scene?” “I’ve added watermark to my video by a free batch watermark software, while I wanna convert it into other format. Is there any easy way? ” By using idoo Video Editor, this easy batch watermark tool, all problems above can be solved perfectly. How to add batch watermarks to video? This seemingly complicated job can be done just with a few simple operations. idoo Video Editor, this powerful visual editor can show you clearly each step of your operation, and you can easily adjust those effects and preview the videos. Meanwhile theoretically idoo Video Editor supports the users to add unlimited number of watermarks.
How to add batch watermarks to video?

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