Menopause face cream

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Menopause Face Cream The UK's No1 face cream for Menopause. Available exclusively at PHYTOMONES Ltd Experts in Menopause Skin Care Presents Pause Hydra Crème Quadra Care Repair X4 *New 4 in 1 -- Moisturiser -- Serum -- Eye Cream -- Neck Cream THE SCIENCE OF SKIN AGEING IN MENOPAUSE Menopausal skin lacks essential oestrogen, which declines rapidly during menopause. Oestrogen is responsible for sending message to produce more collagen -- Without oestrogen these messages simply don't get through. As a result the skin begins to lose firmness and the appearance of lines, wrinkles, dryness and pigmentation problems become more apparent. THE SECRET TO A YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN Normal anti-ageing creams will not help when the cause of the problem is a drop in hormone levels. *Our advanced formula with GENISTEIN + PEPTIDES* Genistein is an oestrogen like substance present in soya which has the ability to replenish skin cell receptors. It is a powerful collagen booster and strongly stimulates the production of collagen. Subscribe to our channel
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Menopause face cream

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