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Social Lead Freak help more Marketers to get Leads in Facebook

Social Lead Freak Light is a desktop Software that you can install on your hard drive or MAC computer itll get you leads in the fraction of your energy stop to worry about building your list use Social Lead Freak and laugh about your old time lead building methods. Social Lead Freak software exploits Facebook & G+ resources with a click. This is a big one. Search all posts on Facebook to find people who are in immediate need of you and what you sell.One simple search can instantly yield you hundreds to thousands of people who have just posted on Facebook saying they need help. Because the fact of the matter is that all day long, your potential clients are saying, writing, and sharing things like: Social Lead Freak Light is definitely an incredible software that will permit you to identify a Targeted directory prospects and extract their information. You possibly can take that information, upload it to facebook and today place your marketing message before your targeted audience. You can Search through FB groups, events, people, places, pages, posts and in some cases G+ activities! More over you can Extract members from groups and attendees of events with a single click and target these leads with your advertising campaigns. Export the info after sorting and filtering to perform further analysis in programs like Excel.
Social Lead Freak help more Marketers to get Leads in Facebook

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