San Diego Waste Disposal

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San Diego County Waste Disposal 00:06 How are we doing as a County? 00:08 The average waste disposal in San Diego County declined slightly from 2010 to 2011, 00:10 but San Diego County's average daily per capita waste disposal 00:17 continues to be higher than the average California statewide average 00:21 and surrounding counties, with the exception of Orange County. 00:24 Why is it important? 00:28 Landfills in Orange County will not accept our waste after 2016 00:29 and some of our own landfills are close to being at capacity. 00:34 Waste disposal generates greenhouse gas emissions 00:38 and other pollutants that affect air and water quality. 00:41 More than half of waste disposed of at landfills 00:44 could be composted, recycled or reused 00:48 Improved waste management would extend the life of our landfills, 00:50 which are difficult to find land for and expensive to build. 00:55 Redesigning and restructuring products or 00:58 manufacturing processes to reduce or reuse waste, 01:01 and increasing recycling and composting efforts moves us 01:05 toward a more sustainable future 01:08 Daily Disposal Services
San Diego Waste Disposal

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