Get high coversion rate for youtube ads Easy Sketch Pro

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Whiteboard animation videos are known by many other names including sketch videos, doodle videos, video scribing or explainer videos. We will stick with whiteboard animation for convenience. In its original form, whiteboard animation is where an artist sketches images and text onto a whiteboard, or maybe paper or canvas, to illustrate a particular script or narrative. The artist is videoed during his or her work and the footage is then edited and speeded up so that images and text coincide with what is being said in the voice-over narrative for the final video. In essence, whiteboard animation is more aptly described as time-lapse or stop-motion video, since, despite the name, actual animation in the usual sense of the word is rarely used. The above video demonstrates the key aspect of whiteboard animation& the images and text being drawn onto the whiteboard are designed to illustrate and emphasize the points being made in the accompanying voice-over. As we shall see, the problem with whiteboard animation for most people is that creating it in this way requires a lot of highly-skilled man-hours and that makes it very expensive.
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Get high coversion rate for youtube ads Easy Sketch Pro

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