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I listen to a lot of Podcasts. The initial sign up price was inexpensive, though I knew there would be up-sells inside. I was immediately impressed!! They offered far more than I expected at the base membership level. The one-on-one videos and easy to follow instructions had me creating my first SUCCESSFUL site that day. I am not a computer geek, in fact I get made fun of for how little I know about software, applications and web-building… I don’t even play video games. Thank God HTML and PHP knowledge is NOT necessary. They give PERSONAL care to each individual and openly express their failures, successes, personal lives, and even personal contact info, including access to their personal Facebook pages. I don’t know of anybody else that would do that. Nothing worth while is free, I actually lost MORE money by being cheap and NOT taking part in advanced coaching. Those sites I created had dropped off the face of Google after the famous Panda and Penguin updates because I didn’t implement crucial SEO steps as taught in detail with the advanced levels . Don’t get too worried, these “Advanced” levels are not that expensive compare to other programs out there. I have spent as much as $12,000 on a real estate program that was FAR less helpful than Bring the Fresh. Kelly Felix has a very easy to follow teaching program that anybody can learn, even a knucklehead like me. If that’s the case, I would just turn your computer off now and join the 95%+ who try and fail to make money online. Making money online can be difficult… and you shouldn’t even attempt it unless you are EXTREMELY serious and driven. Now that you’ve been warned… Here’s my real member review. Bring the Fresh is very different from all those other online systems revolving around making an automated income online with internet marketing (and I’m sure you’ll see this isn’t the only review that proves that). Wherein the scope of internet marketing involves a whole host of methods for creating profitable campaigns, such as SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, etc centered on the promotion of affiliate products or your own products. This doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways discussed inside, but those are the major ways to start. You may have read this before somewhere, but it is responsible for transforming more newbies into millionaire entrepreneurs than anything else like it. It works better than most $10,000 coaching programs and seminars that are just rife with abstract business models and meta strategies. Here’s what the step-by-step, detailed training course and support system has done for real people. Bring The Fresh is the very first affiliate marketing training course I ever purchased that actually worked. If you’ve been around my blog at all, you know I always have great things to say about the program. Due to the amount of questions I get asked about the program, and my gratitude for it helping me earn my first serious money online, here is my Bring The Fresh Review. You can skip ahead and watch the video below to get a glimpse inside the member’s area. Bring The Fresh 2014 is an affiliate training program that shows you step-by-step how to research, build, monetize, and market high-converting affiliate websites. The techniques and strategies inside BTF are also being used to set up successful SEO businesses working with client’s on Local SEO projects. Started by amazingly successful internet marketers Kelly Felix and Mike Long, BTF was created as an alternative to all the over-hyped, push-button make money online courses and products saturating the internet today. You’ll get access to an entire video series that covers everything you need to have your affiliate website up and running in less than an hour. You will be shown EXACTLY what to do and how to do it. Also included is hours of videos on tools, resources, and success stories so you can copy their exact methods to take your sales to the next level. A big feature of BTF is the Bring The Fresh forum, which is one of the most active affiliate marketing and SEO forums I’ve seen. There is even a full forum thread dedicated to Launch Jacking if you want to make quick money on product launches.
get out of the job with Bring The Fresh

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