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Google Sniper is heavily promoted and has been for many years. I remember hearing about it several years ago when I first got started. Apparently it has been updated, but it still seems a bit out of date to me (circa 2011). There’s a PDF guide and a set of 8 main videos in the members area. There are also some supplementary training, but it didn’t seem very different from the original training. In typical ‘member site’ fashion, there’s an upsell to an “even better” product which is George Brown’s next product called “Predator” which was a huge flop (I have reviewed it but need to post it tomorrow). The quality of videos is about a B-. The PDF was quite large but basically covered the same info. I’ll give it a solid B. There’s a lot to no like about this product. First he hypes you up with how much money he makes and how super-secret this project is. Then, he doesn’t mention that you are REBILLED $67 per month for using the product. Also, there are two version of Sniper 2.0 that look different, but it’s unclear how, or why you would prefer one over the other. This is sloppy marketing from a person trying to teach you marketing.

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