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“Paid Social Media Jobs”, found at, is a website that has a database of companies you can apply to for employment doing social media tasks. Social media work can comprise of many different tasks that employers, and employees are too busy to do. Some of these tasks include posting and ‘liking’ on Facebook, ‘tweeting’ on Twitter and commenting on YouTube videos as well as managing aspects of the company’s own social media sites including LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Social media work is just barely starting to get recognized as a valid component of any company’s marketing department, but employers still don’t think it’s important enough to hire full time people for the duties. Thus, outsourced positions are available for freelance social media specialists to apply for. “Paid Social Media Jobs” claims they have enough companies in their database needing people to fill. Paid Social Media Jobs has a 3 day trial for $1 for you to have a chance to look over the site. However, they automatically charge $77 dollars without notice for full membership, full access to their list and software tools. This puts them in my sights.
Login Paid Social Media Jobs to received more income now

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