Cypress CapSense MBR3 Kit Demonstration

Cypress CapSense MBR3 Kit Demonstrationlariynrriz | dodany 1282 dni 10 godzin 22 minuty temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj*MBR3*%7c1%7c,Ny:True,Ro:0,Nea:True,N:4294938421-936 . The new evaluation kit for the CapSense MBR3 solution, the CY3280-MBR3 EVK. CapSense MBR3 is the 3rd generation. It combines the best performance and features from our industry-leading CapSense technology yet very easy-to-implement register-configurable solution that requires no firmware development.
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Cypress CapSense MBR3 Kit Demonstration

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