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How to make a million pounds

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So the topic is How to make a Million pounds. From what I know making a million pounds overnight is almost not possible for someone who is now beginning in the money making world. There are people in this world who do make a Million pounds day in and day out, however most of them have been in the game for years, some of them decades. A good example will be Richard Branson or Donald Trump and many others like them. I have my own system I use to generate income and in the past five years I have made just over £600,000(six hundred thousand) pounds. That is the total amount in the last five years. It is not quite a Million pounds but I believe I am on my way there. Now if you break it down, 600,000 divided by 5 years is £120,000 a year. £120,000 pounds, divided by the 12 months in year comes down to £10,000 a month and that is what I have been doing consistently over the past years. Now I did not start of with £10,000 a month just like that. In the early days it was simple
How to make a million pounds

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