reverse osmosis system

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We are one of the most professional manufacture in China for home water filter products and soda makers as well. We have around 200 workers and our products have been exported to Russia, Italy, Poland, UK, Sweden, Mexico, USA, Iran, Iraq etc, and proven our water filters are greatly welcomed by those countries. The reef ocean water filters is our main production line as well, 80000pcs of this compact RO system export allow us be one of the largest supplier for this ro di RO system in China. Clients can get all the water filter parts from Eastcooler, the water filter housings, big blue or slim blue filter types, quick fittings, water filter cartridges, etc. Clients trust Eastcooler because of the professionalism and efficiency that we can bring to our clients. Contact: Eastcooler household Appliance group Ltd Email: Website:
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reverse osmosis system

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