ninja turtles toys - 5 Totally Awesome Ninja Turtles Toys for the Summer !!

ninja turtles toys - 5 Totally Awesome Ninja Turtles Toys for the Summer !!flornfisan | dodany 1027 dni 2 godziny 32 minuty temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys : Ninja Turtles Water Toys!!! SUMMER TIME TMNT TOYS!!!! Hello this is Mews Reviews with 5 totally awesome TMNT water toys!! Its summer time and who doesn't love beating the heat by having a water fight? You can be sure to soak your friends with the TMNT shell water blaster! You fill the pack with water, it holds over 33 ounces, and pull back on the pump to release team Turtles water power. The pack has adjustable straps that fit children ages 3 and up, are easy to slide on for the ultimate teenage mutant ninja turtle water fight!But if you want to go stealth mode and not sport the back pack, you can also get the TMNT Toys Water blaster. You can get it with any one of the four turtles faces on it. Just fill, aim, and push to administer Teenage mutant ninja turtle water power! It squirts water over 25 feet! This makes a great party favor, especially if you are throwing a pool party since it requires frequent refills. Next we have hot potato turtle style! Keep cool with the TMNT Splash Out Ball Toy! Fill it with water, pass it along, and wait to see who gets doused with water when it pops open. No balloons required with this TMNT toy, just little water and some passing action. Next is the TMNT Bubble BlowerThis fun item is totally awesome as a party table topper or a great tag along on a trip to the park. Just push back the head and you get a continuous stream of bubbles. It includes 4 ounces of bubble fluid, but not the 2 AA batteries that are required to make work, so if you are getting it as a gift be sure and pick a couple up. Here we show Leonardo, but if he's not your favorite or you want to collect them all, not a problem as they do come as all four! This is MewsReviews thanking you taking a look at some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Water Toys. Don't Forget to Subscribe!!!
ninja turtles toys - 5 Totally Awesome Ninja Turtles Toys for the Summer !!

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