Spraying vs Wiping Mold

Spraying vs Wiping Moldclarinjoss | dodany 1212 dni 23 godziny 43 minuty temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj (919) 913-8007 The most effective way to ELIMINATE MOLD FROM YOUR CRAWL SPACE is to have a mold remediation solution pressure spraying the mold off the ENTIRE crawl space while leaving behind a all-natural long term mold inhibitor to ensure a fresh, clean, sanitized crawl space. This should be done before sealing ALL crawl spaces for optimum air quality for your family. Sealing without eliminating ALL mold traps mold in crawl and continues to blow mold throughout the home forever. SANITIZE THEN SEAL! If your first floor had mold all throughout all the walls and ceiling would you feel comfortable breathing the air. Once crawl is sealed a supply line is put in your sealed crawl and air is blown into your crawl. This blown air works its way up through the hundreds of holes in your homes floors from pipes, electrical, spaces between boards ... etc. Never let a company seal your crawl without eliminating the mold! Other Sealed Crawl Video's: With mold comes camel crickets, camel crickets leave hardened black poop all over your crawl beams right under your insulation. Mice love camel crickets, snakes love mice. Eliminating mold from your crawl stops this food chain from occurring in your crawl!
Spraying vs Wiping Mold

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