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Jerry C. Wells

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We want to increase our site visibility Here is the info from the site: *R & B Homes was established in 2004 with a unique focus on purchasing and developing large residential and mid-size commercial projects in the Chicago Metro area. We offer a superior level of construction expertise, market knowledge, and customer service. Our dedicated team will help you choose an investment that will fit your budget, desired rate of return, and risk profile. Our Team Includes: Jerry C. Wells joined R & B Homes in 2006 as Operations Manager. He utilizes his experience from a Fortune 100 Company to manage the team, streamline processes, and provide financial analysis and reporting Bernard Panek is a proactive and performance-driven professional with 15+ years of expertise in managing real estate projects. He is responsible for market research and strategic planning. He understands business priorities and achieves a high rate of return on investments.
Jerry C. Wells

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