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Paul and Karen Lange of Atlanta Georgia, formerly of Buckhead Homes LLC, are both residential multifamily development experts, from mortgages to development to permitting, they have the experience in real estate. Paul Lange has a strong background in structured finance and real estate development, while Karen Lange has a strong background as a construction and project manager. Both Paul and Karen Lange have been recognized as Top 40 under 40 in Atlanta for their real estate experiences with Buckhead Homes LLC, being the preeminent developer and builder in the Buckhead area of the Atlanta metropolitan statistical area (MSA). Creating successful real estate projects in the Atlanta area that mitigate against things such as mortgage foreclosure and similar is not an easy thing to do but Paul and Karen Lange have figured out the formula to success with their previous company, Buckhead Homes LLC. The best part of their success, for Paul and Karen Lange in the Atlanta MSA, is they worked hard from day one, bootstrapping and growing their company to the best of their abilities, day and night. Basically, Paul and Karen Lange have done as much as they can to make their company a success, which Buckhead Homes LLC was and also allowing them to venture on to their company.
Paul Lange BuckHead

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