What is the Argentina Reciprocity Fee?

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If you are a national of the US, Canada, Australia, you are required to pay for the Argentina Reciprocity Fee ahead of travel. You need to pay the Argentina Reciprocity Fee fee online. You cannot pay at a border crossing or at the airport terminal upon arrival. Certain requirements are established by the Argentine authorities in relation to the Argentina Reciprocity Fee. Residents of Australia, Canada and America will have to register to be in Argentina ahead of arrival and pay a fee online. This charge is billed to these residents because the US, Canada and Australia charge Agrentinians a reciprocity fee; in accordance with them, this is only fair. If you need to live much longer in Argentina, you can transition into a country resident. Several advantages of learning to be a resident are: having the ability to purchase a vehicle; own a continuing business; low-cost educational costs for your children, while not having to leave to update the visa. The Argentina Reciprocity Fee is $160 USD for U.S. citizens (valid for 10 years), $92 USD for Canadians (legitimate 90 days) and $100 USD for Australians (valid for 12 months).
What is the Argentina Reciprocity Fee?

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