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Argentina Entry Fee

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Argentina requires the payment of a fee when visiting the country. This does not applies to all visitors. The Argentina entry fee happens to be $160 USD for U.S. citizens, $100 USD for Australians, and $92 USD for Canadians. If anyone chooses to remain in Argentina much longer than a few months you have to get across a border in to a nearby region and re-enter Argentina for a new 3 month stamp in your pass To pay the Argentina entry fee, complete the online form available with your individual details, register as much applicants as you want and enter your charge card details at checkout. The info entered will be delivered electronically to the Argentinas Immigration Authority Within minutes you'll receive a contact with the Reciprocity Fee attached and you may also download it from the web site. When you reach the airport, show the printed receipt (proof that you paid) at sign in. Upon arrival in Argentina your proof of purchase will be checked by the Immigration personnel and validated, enabling you to enter the country.
Argentina Entry Fee

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