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During the race cheap fifa 15 coins wearing red Manchester United jerseys, but neither shot or a pass, Dong fangzhuo performed flawlessly. Yesterday, in the match at Hong Kong Stadium, with Dong fangzhuo's excellent play, Manchester United ended in a 2:0 win over Hong Kong team before the game, Sir Alex Ferguson has said would make Dong fangzhuo played, but he did not give his starting opportunity, composed by Wayne Rooney and Ruud van Nistelrooy in attack, Korea people sitting midfielder Paul Scholes and Park JI-Sung. Though some tired players after the long journey, but the Reds ' strength is still higher than the Hong Kong team dominates. Fortunately, the excellent play of goalkeeper Lee Wai Man, Hong Kong, and allows both to 0:0 entering the second half. Easy fight again, wearing a Jersey 43rd, Dong fangzhuo has finally been sent Alex Ferguson to play again. After 68 minutes, and has been active on the field, Manchester United finally broke the deadlock, push one foot in front of 19 year old striker Giuseppe Rossi, sent the ball into an empty net. The 74 minute, Dong fangzhuo in the frontcourt after cutting, clever run into the area, low shot from cross hands and eventually locked the game, this is Dong fangzhuo scored United's first goal under the arrangement, United will arrive in Beijing today. Tomorrow, Manchester United Football Club and the Chinese Football Association, and representatives of 14 Super League club bosses held seminars on business development. The evening of 26th, they will be in the workers ' Stadium against Beijing Hyundai.
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cheap fifa 15 coins in the match

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