PDF E-book - From Divorce to Destiny by Amanda Nicole

PDF E-book - From Divorce to Destiny by Amanda Nicolenizanjassn | dodany 1135 dni 10 godzin 8 minut temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj!books/cee5 "From Divorce to Destiny" is a PDF E-book written by Christian Author Amanda Nicole. The book illustrates one woman's journey in finding the biblical grounds for divorce. It centers around a fictional character, but is heavily inspired by non-fictional events. The purpose of this book is not to encourage divorce. The purpose of this book is to set the people of God free from the bondage of being forced to stay in a dysfunctional and ungodly union, based solely on unbiblical religious theology. This book attempts to shed light on those instances where God did not approve of the union to begin with. God may not be telling you that out of all the things that youve done to anger Him, marrying your spouse was the worst like He essentially told Ahab (1 Kings 16:31), but there are still some marriages that have occurred that He has not been pleased with. This book attempts to help you discover if your marriage is one of them, and if so, why it is both acceptable and beneficial to leave. The book is only 25 pages. It cuts out all of the fluff and gets right to the point. It was written to those who are drowning in their current marriage and who need help fast. Visit to download and read the first chapter for free, or purchase the book for only $5.99. Also be sure to check out Amanda's other books.... "Throw Her Down!" - a book about dealing with Jezebelic leadership in your church "The Boatrockers" - a young adult book that depicts young adults as Christian superheros, charged with changing the world.!books/cee5
PDF E-book - From Divorce to Destiny by Amanda Nicole

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