Free training to reduce crimes of domestic violence

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Hope For Children Foundation offers FREE training, support, and resources to the general public intending to reduce crimes of domestic violence against children and adults through this national and global outreach. Our Website offers over 60 language translations. Hope For Children Foundation project goals, work and accomplishments support efforts advancing justice and opportunity for people in need. We focus on four program areas. See our Website for more information regarding these FREE services. Hope For Children Foundation’s goals: (1) Providing training to reduce crimes of domestic violence; better inform Criminal Justice practitioners to act in protecting the innocent and holding the guilty accountable while reducing racial disparity and reducing unnecessary arrests. (2) provide life sustaining resources to victims of domestic violence; provide behavior modification training to perpetrators of such crimes. We provide education and support increased access to civil legal aid for the poor. (3) encourage employment to the unemployed by providing job postings on our Website (4) accept donations online, by mail and during events to pay for these services. Services offered FREE. The FBI reported: 97% percent of abused children reported to the legal system are not protected by the legal system. Hope For Children Foundation, together with your support provides protection for our most innocent, vulnerable and weak – our nation’s sons and daughters.
Free training to reduce crimes of domestic violence

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