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Guizhou and this group buy cheap fifa 15 coins is recognized as the ' group of death ', and faced three opponents are Korea Ulsan Hyundai, Japan j-League runner-up and Australia Rover teams. The strength of these three teams are all very powerful, Guizhou to from this group to compete, with great difficulties. Guizhou and is one of the AFC and the forces nouvelles only participated in the AFC Champions League last season, is not making good progress. After a season of hard running, Guizhou and at a young age under the guidance of Chinese coach Gong Lei, playing has gradually matured, in this year's FA Cup, Guizhou and was defeated a powerful Guangzhou evergrande AFC champion won the first trophy in club history after. Captured after the FA Cup, young coach Gong Lei's confidence seemed to be more full, he said Japan and South Korea teams now is not very difficult, Australia team on the body also does not suffer, already refuses to anyone. Although in the letter's ' group of death ', but people in Guizhou and undaunted, Gong Lei said: football is round, anything can happen. I want my performance to justify China's homegrown coaches.
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buy cheap fifa 15 coins

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