Cheap FIFA COINS carefully research decide

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Due to personal and family reasons, coach Lippi recently Cheap FIFA COINS applied to the Club: the early termination of the contract. By Club Board carefully research decided: agreed in skin coach of resigned applications by both consultations consistent, since March 1, 2015 up, Lippi Mr no longer served as Guangzhou constant big Taobao team coach positions world name handsome in skin since May 17, 2012 employed became Guangzhou team coach yǐ lái, always and Club keep with happy of cooperation relationship, carefully for Guangzhou and China football build has a support strength strong, and popularity high, and fighting very strong of Asia champion of Division, continuous won 2012, and 2013, and 2014 years in the Super champion, 2012 FA Cup champion, and historic first claimed 2013 Asia Crown Champion, created has champion Wang Chaoli skin Mr is world top of football name handsome, and tactical master, he for Guangzhou brings has champion and victory, more China football brings has huge of promoted role and contribution; Lippi Mr more is full personality charm of gentleman, is deeply China fans favorite of football Messenger, is China millions fans forever of friends this, Club, Lippi again three years of hard work and express my heartfelt thanks to the legendary performance! Blessing of Lippi in the future health and happiness!
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Cheap FIFA COINS carefully research decide

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