Kindling secrets

Kindling secretshersonclise | dodany 1164 dni 13 godzin 46 minut temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj Seasoned hardwood kindling stored under roof with good air flow for one year burns nicely as the moisture drops from 50% to 20% from first cut to dry stored one year. Hardwood kindling contains 65% more BTU value over soft wood such as white pine. The coals last longer, produce more heat thus giving firewood optimal time to ignite and burn. Kiln dried hardwood kindling has a moisture content of 12% or lower after drying in a kiln for three days or more. New hardwood flooring has a moisture content in the range of 6% to 9% as does hardwood furniture. Other advantages of kiln dried hardwood kindling are: Makes fire starting easier Increases the flame of the fire Increases the heat provided by the fire Decreases the maintenance of the fire Minimizes creosote build-up Minimizes emissions No bugs, insects, fungus
Kindling secrets

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