D'Elia Guarnieri - Lifeline [Full Song] D'Elia Guarnieri Entertainment

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Visit - D'Elia wrote her pop song, "Lifeline", one February night after discovering that someone she loved had injured himself physically in a way that made him mentally not want to go on. "Lifeline" was her way telling him that even though life gets hard, she'll always be there to help him get through it. D'Elia teamed up with Julian Black to put music to her lyrics and the song was recorded September of that year in Shelter Island Studio in New York. "I collaborate with a lot of people, but this collaboration seemed to go smoother than any other. Everyone brought his/her A game that weekend. You can definitely hear it in the song," says D'Elia. Having written over 100 lyrics, D'Elia knows that producing a song is not about choosing the deepest or the catchiest lyrics, it's about choosing the song that everyone who's part of production vibes with best. Because that means more people listening to the song will click with it. "When I decide I want to have a song produced, I sit with my producer/composer and sing 10 of my favorite lyrics at the time. I'm always surprised by what they don't choose. They always shy away from my jazzier stuff. The pop-rock lyrics seem to get chosen the most. I love it all, though." D'Elia admits she would ideally work with her entire range of lyric genres, but she's waiting for the right moment. Lifeline Credits: Produced by: D'Elia Guarnieri Entertainment and OffBlack Productions Lyrics and Melody: D'Elia Music: Julian Black Arranged by: Julian Black Lead vocal: D'Elia Background vocals: D'Elia and Julian Black Guitars: Julian Black Bass: Julian Black Piano and Keyboard: Rahm Silverglade Drums: Wyatt Offit Engineer: Wyatt Offit Assistant Engineer: Zach Tuch Mixed by: Wyatt Offit and Julian Black Mastered by: Ryan Smith (Sterling Sound) Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Check this out:
D'Elia Guarnieri - Lifeline [Full Song] D'Elia Guarnieri Entertainment

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