Bubble Football UK|Zorb ball suits|

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Are you ready to experience the fun sport? Let’s start! With the Bubble Football suits, players can be protected from hurting during the game. Bubble football game is a latest popular sport in Unite kingdom, which started in Norway and then spread to all over the world very soon. The players dressed in Bubble soccer suits bounce into each other to fight for possession of ball and shoot the goal to sucess the competition. After the introduction by some TV shows, bubble football became world-known rapidly. In 2008, Canadians firstly introduced bubble football suits in their country.Bubble football has driven an incredible craze in sport all over Europe, adult,child, male or female are all enjoy it. Take UK for example, about 30 clubs are able to organize bubble soccer game using their Bubble football equipments.
Bubble Football UK|Zorb ball suits|

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