Air Purifiers

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HEPA is the current air filter standard on the market. There is better air filter using HEPA is called e2F air filter technology. Visit to see air purifiers using e2F technology and read air purifier reviews. e2F air purifier is the best air purifier on the market. Free Shipping whatsoever! Features of Air purifiers of Go Clair: The Clair Air Purifiers are perfect for small to medium sized spaces. 1) Removes 99.97% of fine dust, mold, allergens, and viruses. 2) Coverage: 322 sq. feet (29.915 sq. meters) 3) e2f filter technology 4) Ozone-Free 5) Three Fan Speeds 6) Electronic Controls Package Contains: Clair-BF2025 Air Purifier x1, Clair-BF2025 Air Filter x1, AC Adapter x1, Product Manual x1 TD1866 Air Purifier BF2025 Air Purifier Air Purifier Collection Go Clair
Air Purifiers

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