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BinaryBiz is a leading developer of software applications for Windows and Mac OSX computers, with more than 20 years of experience and over 5 MILLION users. Our flagship product, Help! Data Recovery works to recover data from just about any kind of storage device including Raid and iPad! With it's intuitive and easy to use interface, you can quickly recover damage or missing partitions, entire hard drives, USB and other external media, deleted files, flash and camera cards, RAID and even Mac formatted devices directly from your Windows PC. And, Help! Will recover a vast array of file and application formats, including MS Office and even most database storage types. Accidental file deletion? Recovered. Accidentally formatted hard drive? Recovered. Deleted emails? Recovered. Even full recovery of DVD and CD ROM disks! Help! Data Recovery is simply the most comprehensive and feature rich data recovery software you can buy. It's like having six different recovery applications in one, enabling you to recovery just about anything from everything. And of course we offer a risk free try-before-you buy guarantee. You can save up to 1gb of recovered data, allowing you a complete experience of just how effective Help! will be to recover your lost or missing data!
BinaryBiz Data Recovery

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