How Safe are your Tires?

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Motoring safety should be at the forefront of our minds when travelling or just taking the kids to and from school. Statistics have proven that low tire pressure is a critical factor in a large number of accidents. How many of us actually check our car tire pressure regularly? Its often inconvenient, you have to take extra time at the gas station fighting with awkward clumsy gauges that often dont work. Finally there is a tool that makes it easy and convenient to check car, truck or motorcycle tire pressure at home or on the road day or night. It works great for the kids bicycles as well! The TravelSafer digital tire pressure gauge easily fits in one hand and has an illuminated nozzle for ease of use in poor light conditions. This digital tire gauge makes monitoring tire pressures a breeze day or night. Apart from the importance of road safety and looking after your loved ones, regular tire pressure checks with this digital tire gauge improves road handling and comfort, and improves fuel efficiency. For accurate readings every time you cant go past the TravelSafer digital tire pressure gauge. The features of the TravelSafer digital tire pressure gauge include: 4 Ranges, Psi, Bar, Kg/cm2, and Kpa For Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, and Bicycles Illuminated nozzle and LCD display Lithium batteries included
How Safe are your Tires?

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