So Is Eczema Curable? Learn what can cure eczema permanently using the natural way without steroid creams

So Is Eczema Curable? Learn what can cure eczema permanently using the natural way without steroid creamskaremwasz | dodany 1024 dni 7 godzin 52 minuty temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj What can cure eczema permanently? Scientific evidence has shown that the only way Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) can be cured permanently, is if it is treated at the ROOT cause as an immune system disease, not merely a skin condition. It is unfortunate that most conventional medical treatments for eczema are still ONLY focused on masking the symptoms of eczema (the itchy rash, red hot flare ups, dry flaky skin), rather than treating the root cause of it which is actually caused by your body's overactive T Helper Cells (CD4 Cells). I will not bore you by going too in depth with these medical jargons, but in summary, your CD4 cells are responsible for roaming your body and once they spot a foreign invader, they will summon Killer T Cells (CD8 Cells) which will attack the invaders. These cells are very important for our immune system to keep us safe from harmful bacteria and viruses. However, in people with Eczema like me and you, our CD4 Cells sometimes detects our own body's skin cells as a foreign invader. They then summon the CD8 Cells to attack our skin, causing our eczema symptoms like itchiness, red hot flare ups etc. Certain food and environmental conditions such as seafood and pollen may also act as aggravators or triggers to our eczema flare ups. So Is Eczema Curable? Learn what can cure eczema permanently using the natural way without steroid creams at The current standard acceptable medical treatment for eczema are corticosteroids (oral steroids or topical steroid creams and ointments), antihistamines, topical calcineurin inhibitors (pimecrolimus, tacrolimus) and emollients. The major problem with most of these drugs especially the corticosteroids are that when used long term and in young children, they can cause steroid dependence eczema or topical steroid addition. And if oral or topical steroid are stopped, the patient will go through steroid withdrawal symptoms which can be very unbearable because the body's adrenal function and cortisol hormone production has been compromised by prolonged usage of topical corticosteroids. This has been a major concern for parents and doctors when treating eczema patients (especially in babies and toddlers) with corticosteroids for long periods of more than 2 weeks. In these cases, steroids should not be stopped abruptly, but should be tapered off slowly because as the body's adrenal glands need time to return to normal secretion patterns. I myself have also depended on topical steroid creams since I was 6 years old, and I just coudln't live without them because that was the only thing that worked to suppress my eczema itchiness and flare ups. During my teens I suffered from severe acne on my face, which was a side effect of my long term usage of steroid creams. I have since tapered off my steroid cream usage and am now not dependant on any steroid creams at all. I instead chose the natural approach to cure my eczema from within my own body (I find it so weird that my doctors used to tell me eczema is not curable). I have to admit it wasn't easy at first when I was going through my steroid withdrawal phase, but I'm so glad I did it and am completely healthy and free from steroids now. This is why I highly recommend every eczema sufferer like myself to take the natural approach and stop relying on corticosteroids because it does alot of damage to our body's natural adrenal hormone gland system which causes our entire hormonal function to go haywire. The natural eczema treatment program that I followed was Eczema Free Forever by Rachel Anderson. She was also an eczema sufferer herself and also used this natural approach to permanently cure her son Samuel from eczema. You can read more about her experience and learn how she did it at Tags: best home remedies for eczema, home remedies for eczema, natural remedies for eczema, atopic dermatitis treatment, eczema natural treatment, homeopathic remedies for eczema, herbal remedies for eczema, how can i cure eczema, cure eczema naturally, holistic cure for eczema, eczema natural treatment tips, get rid of eczema, baby eczema treatment, best cream for eczema, eczema in kids, eczema treatment children, what can cure eczema, how to treat eczema, eczema in infants, how to cure eczema naturally, is eczema curable See testimonials at
So Is Eczema Curable? Learn what can cure eczema permanently using the natural way without steroid creams

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