The Fiasco

The Fiascojeonjoac | dodany 988 dni 18 godzin 54 minuty temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj - Weve all been startled over small things&like a bump in the night or a creak when the house settles. But its these small things that put life into perspective. How often do we actually feel safe? So many incidents can happen every single day, such as a burglary, fire, flood, carbon monoxide leak or medical emergency. Fortunately, with ADT home monitoring protection, you arent alone. ADTs 24/7 monitoring protection helps keep your home and your family safe day and night. Find the right monitoring package for your home today. Enjoy life without all the worry and stress that surrounds your home safety. Take it from Frank, the star of this little video.
The Fiasco

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