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VRobust 3-in-1 Super Charger

VRobust 3-in-1 Super Chargermeanishaz | dodany 1048 dni 5 godzin 46 minut temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj VRobust Super Charger is a 3-in-One product to make your life easier. • Are you Sick of your Phone Battery dying every single day before end of your busy day? • Are you sick of your Auto Battery dying every now & then? • You can't afford your electronic gadgets going out of battery & you need a reliable portable power bank • Do you need a reliable LED flash light Then worry no More !!!, VRobust Super Charger is here for you, it has; • A Car Battery Jump starter for Gasoline & Diesel Automobiles. • Portable Power Bank for all types of Cell phones and laptops • Cables included in the package • LED flash light with three different lighting options,perfect for indoor & outdoor The Amazon buyers & our loyal customers all over the world love it because of;Its Built-in Protection Features for Complete Safety against over-current, over-charging & short-circuits. Our product is duly certified by • FCC - Declaration of Conformity by US Federal Communications Commission • CE - Declaration of Conformity by European Economic Area(EEA) • ROHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances What you will get ? INCLUDED ACCESSORIES • 1 x Main Jump Starter Device• 1 x Jump Start Cable • 1 x USB Adapter Cable • 1 x iPhone 30 Pin Plug • 1 x Mini USB Plug • 1 x Micro USB Plug • 1 x LG Plug • 1 x Nokia Plug • 1 x Samsung Plug • 1 x Sony Ericsson Plug • 1 x Song PSP Plug • 1 x AC Charger • 1 x DC Charger
VRobust 3-in-1 Super Charger

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