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http://exxcelmediagroup.com/expert | 719-377-2560 Hi, I'm C.C. Collins, Founder of Exxcel Media Group Did you know that you can get Quoted in the top four News Media as an Authority? Im about to show you how to become a cited expert in the major media, and how to leverage this authority into standing out from the crowd AND your competition. Media networks like ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS transfer to you a very powerful trust factor when you are quoted in their media. Trust is virtually automatic when you have media authority. How much would it be worth to your business? Expert status has many benefits. Our expertise in this area allows us to guarantee that you will be cited in the major news media. When this happens you are now seen as the expert "go to" person in your field. It brings exposure to you and your business and can be a real "sucker punch" to your competition if they do not not yet have this. There are many uses for your media authority. Through negotiated partnerships, media agencies like Exxcel Media Group can nominate top professionals in any field. Our value add is making you newsworthy and worth quoting to the major media. We provide proof that you have been quoted. When you give us the go ahead we provide a simple intake form which you complete. We then do all the work  get you cited, send you the links to view your citation, and do the Photoshoping to add the logos to your profile picture. Want to make our services EXCLUSIVE to you only and lock out your competiion? Ask us how. Contact ExxcelMedia Group.com/Expert to get started. ************ Find out more on: http://www.linkedin.com/in/cccollins1 and onL http://twitter.com/exxcelmediagrp and: https://www.facebook.com/ExxcelMediaG... and of course.... http://exxcelmediagroup.com lastly: http://www.pinterest.com/exxcelmediagrp/
Top News Media

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