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Turkish Bath

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In the life of Turks, turkish bath are not only a bathing place but also places that is conducted a series of health, social and cultural activities.For health use water, one of the vital necessities of human beings, brings about building of water places such as public bath and thermal spring. Turkish path of these buildings fulfill especially the washing and purity needs of people. Besides, public baths have termly taken form in paralel with religious beliefs. They are a part of social life. In Arabic public baths word is "Hammam" that is lexicalise from being hot. Hammam (Public bath) is briefly described as a washing, refinement and sanitarium place. As washing prevents the disease and is used in treatment, it is based on the ancient times. Roman bath is known that Romans builded up a place for break in their own body B.C. 4th century. In that period, Roman Baths were central of sportive and cultural activities in addition to washing place. Architecture of Turkish Baths are inspired architecture of Roman. However original architecture type of Turkish Baths was formed after acceptance of Islam. There are Turkish baths in many parts of Turkey.
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Turkish Bath

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